cheer for your life, you can live it



SNS is so cool!!

hey guys, just a brief aside, if you haven’t checked out the “sex nerd Sandra” pod cast you should, its very chill and the whole thing is quite friendly.



thanks guys

Yesterday saw the blog hit a new record for likes,  I’m very happy to have done something that people have actually enjoyed, it’s wonder full to think people like my work so far, rambling as it is, I’m trying to steer this blog more towards its intended topics, writing, philosophy and lucidity. it’s a bit of a broad spectrum, but I think the three things connect very well.

I want to thank you for reading my blog, and also for taking the time to give me feed back, a comment or even a like or follow tells me what to writ more of and what I can do better.

yours submissively



The sun is rising

Begins the day

Leading us all in its silent way


The voices chiding

You failure they say

You’ll amount to nothing if you stray


The young men hiding

Flinching back as voices bray

To be your self is just passé


Softly smiling

Lovers young and gay

Chasing hearts like half seen fey


These and more I have seen today


My flaws, for the general benefit.


  1. No clear direction long-term
  2. Blustering
  3. Inattentive to other feeling’s.
  4. Trouble committing to things I don’t like but know are for the best
  5. To given to embarrassment over emotions
  6. Incautious with honesty
  7. Overly assertive
  8. Assertive about the wrong things
  9. Often impatient
  10. Proud to the point of idiocy
  11. Passive aggressive
  12. Ignores implied emotional boundaries
  13. Detached from my successes.
  14. Detached from failure
  15. Given to impassivity
  16. Prone to be vindictive with others
  17. I cant express my feelings well in person

one more day.

in life there is little to be done about failure. we must carry on, in spite of any failing. this is the only way to live. i have failed, romance, though strong, is at time to weak to support the weight of our thoughts. this is the way of life. i wonder what the future will bring about for me

attracting djinn


Tips for attracting minor djinn

  1. Allow no water within 15 feet of the area you are trying to attract them too, do not slobber, or have wet hair, or anything to drink nearby
  2. Set a fire, heat and open flame are ideal attractors, especially to djinn hiding from rain.
  3. Do not ask djinn its name, this is as meaningless as asking a bird what collage it want’s to go to.
  4. Have a thick bed of ash under your fire,
  5. Avoid strong smelling chemical fires, propane, pinion pine, and lamps lit with essential oils are repulsive to vaporous entity’s
  6. Display metals in the fire, particularly gold, or platinum.
  7. Do not stand, sit, or crouch low, next to the fire. djinn will not mix with exhaled breath if they can avoid it, do not blow on your fire for this reason
  8. Block the wind, but allow open access to the fire, again vaporous entity’s.