A brief definition of mechanika

As we we commence our journey together. I thought it would be beneficial to explain to my readers the difference between robotica automatons and mechanika or steam jacks. Robots offer ease of repair and programming. But they require electricity and Advanced Metals they can be much smaller than either of the other two. Automations run entirely on Clockwork. Most robots are a combination of automations and true robotica. Mechanika is different. Mechanikal devices or steam jacks as I will call them for the rest of the article. Are unique. They run on Arcane energy. Usually drawn in some form from alchemical concoctions. Or from the direct expenditure of energy. Their power sources can be far smaller then even robotica. And generally do not require recharging. Or fueling. For decades at a time. But their bodies must be considerably larger to store the multiple systems which must function in tandem to keep a steam Jack running. Steam Jack’s have the steam in their name because that is how they generate power the source of magical Energy Fuels the fire in the fire boils water into steam. After that they run like most steam plants with the addition of energy Harvesters connected to an alchemical recharge system. The unique energy source can use the power many other functions. It is common for these devices to incorporate complex magical energy and artifice into their workings. They are not however considered otherwise Clockwork. The ability of magic interact with life and the existence of living metals enables us to create file systems and integrate them with these steam Jacks enabling them to support complex thinking patterns. And to regenerate themselves. And to build musculature like a human or beast. mechankia  is primarily alchemical in design therefore. The use of it to create steam jacks enables us to accomplish Feats not achievable with normal technology. Such as hybridized human Androids. Or learning railways.


“trust before lust ” in diffrent languages


fiducia prima lussuria

confiance avant la luxure

εμπιστοσύνης πριν από τη σφοδρή επιθυμία

Yokubō no mae ni shinrai

Vertrauen vor Lust

доверие , прежде чем вожделение
doveriye , prezhde chem vozhdeleniye


waiting is like a  bad taste in your mouth

waiting is like a cold wind on a cold day against a cold sweat

waiting is like a cherry pit stuck in your throat

waiting is like a hole in your hand that no one will agree exists

waiting is like a shirt with the word thistle written on the front glimpsed for a half second

waiting is like waking up from a dream you cant remember but wished you cold

waiting is like an unheard final farewell



dear mr. satan

dear Mr. Lucifer,


How are you doing? its just past the ides of march in this part of the world, no time less lucky ay? I bet you’ve been busy lately, what with the rise in populations and the number of wars going on. you must have expansion plans in the works, you’ll need more room I’m sure.

I was wondering if you could find the time to answer a few questions for me, you’ll know how confusing the whole situation can be, with only one book open to any interpretation.

  • Are you really that bad? I mean, you seem to have done some bad things, but I’ve never met you, or any one who knows you, and really, in general you seem to be a bit less judgmental than most deity’s would have us believe. Whats your side of the story?
  • How do you deal with people who have mental challenges? do you let them off? how does that whole deal go?
  • How does the whole system actually work? is it a lake of fire, an endless void, torture chamber? I saw one painting with people being boiled in the nude. does anyone really go bare in hell?
  • What is a typical day in hell like? Is it just a constant routine, or do you shake things up? Dose the menu ever change? or do you just have a week-long rotation?


in curiosity



ways I will improve

  1. I will tell more people the truth
  2. I will think before I act
  3. I will be more attentive to the people around me
  4. I will write one poem a day, even if i don’t like what it is or I’m not inspired
  5. I will start a journal about the people I am with.
  6. I will try to please the people i love more often.
  7. I will focus on my friends more than my enemy’s
  8. I will try to dream more
  9. I will respond more if spoken too
  10. I will be available to people who need me
  11. i will think about the less fortunate when I feel down
  12. i will respect my friends
  13. i will be more accepting and passive in groups
  14. i will say yes more than i say no
  15. i will be kind to people i don’t know
  16. i will be sweet to more people
  17. i will be FAR less possessive
  18. i will be more open to others
  19. i will be diligent in listening to others
  20. i will try to smile at an enemy twice a day