If submissives rules the world

1. Hate would be outlawed

2. Jail time would be a reward for good behavior

3. Monday will be renamed hugday

4. Some will be required to disregard our authority

5. Communication will be mandatory

6. All beds and tubs will be much bigger, so we can snuggle easyer.

7. “being a meanie” will be a felony

8. Gender norms will be abolished

9. Some would actually make the rules

10. Safe words would be standerdised

11. Chairs would be comfier

12. After care would be manditory

13. Polyamory  would be legal 

14. The term daddy would be wayyy more common

15. Collaring would be as common as a wedding

16. Vac-beds would be way more common

17. So many snuggles