A brief definition of mechanika

As we we commence our journey together. I thought it would be beneficial to explain to my readers the difference between robotica automatons and mechanika or steam jacks. Robots offer ease of repair and programming. But they require electricity and Advanced Metals they can be much smaller than either of the other two. Automations run entirely on Clockwork. Most robots are a combination of automations and true robotica. Mechanika is different. Mechanikal devices or steam jacks as I will call them for the rest of the article. Are unique. They run on Arcane energy. Usually drawn in some form from alchemical concoctions. Or from the direct expenditure of energy. Their power sources can be far smaller then even robotica. And generally do not require recharging. Or fueling. For decades at a time. But their bodies must be considerably larger to store the multiple systems which must function in tandem to keep a steam Jack running. Steam Jack’s have the steam in their name because that is how they generate power the source of magical Energy Fuels the fire in the fire boils water into steam. After that they run like most steam plants with the addition of energy Harvesters connected to an alchemical recharge system. The unique energy source can use the power many other functions. It is common for these devices to incorporate complex magical energy and artifice into their workings. They are not however considered otherwise Clockwork. The ability of magic interact with life and the existence of living metals enables us to create file systems and integrate them with these steam Jacks enabling them to support complex thinking patterns. And to regenerate themselves. And to build musculature like a human or beast. mechankia ┬áis primarily alchemical in design therefore. The use of it to create steam jacks enables us to accomplish Feats not achievable with normal technology. Such as hybridized human Androids. Or learning railways.


A message to my by now somewhat estranged readers

Dear old and new friends


I must apologize for my long hiatus. I did not mean to take so long to find you again although my absence was not entirely of my own free will. I have had the capability to begin this project again for some months now however. I apologize for th pause in my shouts into this void. I hope that someone will listen when I speak. It is not an easy thing to do to communicate in such a format. I will never know if more than a few of you appreciate what I do. But that should not stop me from attempting to say something worth saying. I have grown more in these last few months than I have in some time. I hope to grow with you again rather than on my own. Thank you for your patience. Or your willingness to start again with me. Or your willingness to start with me. I really hope to be able to find people to speak with in this rhetorical matter. My dreams will keep coming. And my hopes with them.



In Kittenish sincerity