Dear mister trump

Dear sir,



I am writing to inform you that the world you are trying to save is already dead, I am very, very sorry. It died during child birth, on June 26th of last year, when I won the right to be who I am. It was first sickened on June 30th 1906, when the FDA was first begun, it grew worse on august 28 1955, when murders over racism were forgiven. It was growing pale on November 27, 1978, when a man died for being born.It was bed ridden in 1998,  with the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard. It went into labor on December 17 20 14, with a wise man repairing old evils.


It is succeeded by hope, love and joy, It’s three adopted children, its wealth was willed to the people, its people were willed to themselves, its weapons were willed to the depths. Its might was given to the world.

tolerance grows strong, we are not many but one,


one nation under no other,

carried by our own hands,

with freedom and mercy for all


In sincerity





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