rider’s calls

Sometimes I wonder as I’m walking

Why my live would give me déjà vu

And some evenings when I’m sleeping

I can’t bear to see this thru.


Some nights I’m creeping thru the shadow

Stalking shapes I’ll never see again

Shooting till I run out of ammo

Surrounded by dead men


The staking fear can define me

Hunting, I don’t know why

Worried someone will see

They just won’t die


Another night I stride alone

Feet unshod against the sand

Over hills and seas of bone

Finding strange foreign lands


There are suns many through the night

One meets another, flash and Fuse

Filling bitter hearts with fright

Providing fragile waking muse


Lands of violet, floors of ice

Shelves flowing with tomes

Wrenching tugs come thrice

Hands are limp, innocent’s moans


Pennants fly over walls

Roads lead through darkened land

Alone, a rider calls

Hooves stirring sand


Running fires burn, caged

Begging for me to stay

Burning fires once raged

For once, I am prey


Often unclear, what is true?

Unbound more awakening

Still I wait for those few

Thus my enlightening



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