on voices, and the use of a life

voice’s have an effect on me, some of my friends know that, a calm deep tone can make me shrink and obey, a high wine will repel me, a dissonance will make me snap to attention, different accents set off different emotions, I can imitate dialects and create them at will, occasionally for a friends enjoyment.

I find that that if a person asks for something, and you give it to them, it is a better feeling than if you act under your own wishes, and, as the path we must take is immutable, the further removal of duty can be more freeing than any other action or lack there of, in everyday life, I find that acting on any harmless whim of a companion can do more for your reputation than any well championed cause, one becomes in demand to others, and thus  gains importance.to them, the only real sense of pride that I think is worth feeling, after all what is a life of gains worth if you do not give.

I do what i can for those I can, even to my own loss, this is my worth to those near me, i am for them, at any time I will support them, I get by, and others excel, and by the association I am raised, and never forgotten.


In continued submission







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