ways I will improve

  1. I will tell more people the truth
  2. I will think before I act
  3. I will be more attentive to the people around me
  4. I will write one poem a day, even if i don’t like what it is or I’m not inspired
  5. I will start a journal about the people I am with.
  6. I will try to please the people i love more often.
  7. I will focus on my friends more than my enemy’s
  8. I will try to dream more
  9. I will respond more if spoken too
  10. I will be available to people who need me
  11. i will think about the less fortunate when I feel down
  12. i will respect my friends
  13. i will be more accepting and passive in groups
  14. i will say yes more than i say no
  15. i will be kind to people i don’t know
  16. i will be sweet to more people
  17. i will be FAR less possessive
  18. i will be more open to others
  19. i will be diligent in listening to others
  20. i will try to smile at an enemy twice a day


  1. fhbee · March 1, 2016

    I really like this! Good luck (:


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