An introduction to the concept of mental resonance

We are all familiar with the attraction of electromagnets, this is due to the simple principles of physics, all currents generate a perpendicular magnetic field, and this is a result of resonance. Resonance lets you shatter a glass with your voice, or can rip a bridge into pieces.



It is important to understand resonance before you analyze the physics involved in ESP, if you want to make a close study of this I would recommend reading the Wikipedia pages on resonance ( I welcome ANY polite discussion of the topic, and most especially any skepticism, as I will admit, none of my experiments have been experimentally verified, and even though I have obtained consistent results, I have not been able to create a repeatable test as of yet, because of this, I will not claim that I have SCIENTIFIC proof of any claim I make, only circumstantial evidence.


The following is the basis for the idea of mental resonance,

  1. The brain is a series of electric field generating neurons
  2. Induced currents in the brain can alter the body’s response involuntarily
  3. The brains resemblance to other brains lends it the ability to resonate more closely with other brains

The conclusion that I have drawn from this, is that telepathy is not only possible, but a skill you can develop.


In my own experiment, I have been able to communicate, in some form, with others up to 1/2 kilometers distant, and to effectively “read” the dreams of a particular person up to 25 kilometers distant.



  1. Karen Thorburn · February 28, 2016

    That is quite an impressive skill!


    • L.s · March 1, 2016

      perhaps, more annoying than anything though, it seem to be unquantifiable

      Liked by 1 person

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