day 3?

Morning, hope your reading this, you may have just open the page, then decided you had better things to, you may be deciding that right now.


Last night I dreamed of dreaming, very annoying if you don’t get lucid during those dreams, iv’e let reality checks slip lately. Need to do more. I remember at least 4 dreams form last night, of varying length and intensity. None that where very good, not any real night mares, no cut’s or wounds, that’s a good night for me, I got Oda some flowers and candy last night, she accepted, didn’t react much, she s sick, it very sad, I wish she felt better, I wish I felt less worry about people. For sacks of chemicals, they are very easy to get attached to.

I am starting a table top group, I hope it goes well, I hope I do well. I hope I can find a way to be more free soon, I doubt I will though.



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