the odd parts are over, I hope you got through them allright



my name is not important, by which i meant that i don’t want to say it, not that i am notimportant, author of the replay comic, i am not, i am not a writer or an artist, not of that type any way.

i’m not old, i’m not young, i am not many things, i am alone

i am both alone and not alone, this is my dilemma, i have lived for these last years of my life by lieing to many people, and telling others the truth, and now i wish to speak only the truth, but my lies are as bound to me as my truths, so i have taken the keys to writ to all of you, not for you sympathy, nothing would more disgust me but for your thoughts, that you would be a little less like you where the day before, that is all any of us can hope for, isn’t it?

submissively yours







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