ada, and others I like.

let me paint a picture for you,

imagine a woman.


Now, try again, shorter this time, less busty, red hair, redder, no, REDDER.

still wrong but better

no ears, take away the ears, she doesn’t have those fleshy ears you are imagining, her ears are like a fox. no, NO, like a fox, longer, not that long, close, there you go, that’s it exactly.

her skin is pale ice, cream with fleck’s of brown,

that is Ada. she is not dead, she was never alive, she never will be,


now for another.


remember the first woman?

Yyes, think of her again.

Taller, that’s it, now the eyes, think about brown, think about blue, think about what makes eyes WORK. think of blood and bone and a million blinks in a lifetime


forget her eyes

start low this time, think of pants, those aren’t her pants, but you have the right idea, less leg, more hip, looser. perfect

now think of a green jacket, right, now smaller, no, its not ripped. yes, that’s it.

now a neck, think of a tower of marble, now think of sand, think of sandy marble, yes, but lighter, more poise. haughty, possessing, a slight tilt, that’s it.

Now think of ownership. Imagine ownership as a person, a person who OWNS.

Imagine fire burning paper, that’s it

Add control, more, like a song that makes you dance, almost too soft to hear, to driving to resist.

That is what she is like.

lets call her the OTHER ada  Oda for short


imagine a boy, almost a man, to happy to be a man no, less happy taller, brown hair, no, shorter, still shorter; that’s pretty close

we don’t need to be exact with him, hes not important, his life is slow, steady, mapped out by his choices even now. he lies constantly, we know he dose, we understand him, we know what it is to be alone,

or at least i do.


these are the people i know. these are the ones i trust,

i like them

living or not



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